Welcome to Seera’s Simming Journal!

This journal will be where I talk about pretty much anything Sim related and where I’ll host stories that I don’t already have a blog for. Mainly because I know me. I’ll set up a blog and then abandon the story. Leaving me with a blog I don’t want to delete, but can’t reuse since the URL is too specific.

So I decided that from now on, stories will at least start here until I feel that I will continue them.

But I’ll use this site as more than just a place to post stories. It will be where I talk about my Simming experience and my challenges that I don’t publish. Like my TS3 Evolution & Progress in Change (EPIC) Challenge or my TS2 Build a City Challenge attempt. I’ll probably also won’t be able to help but talk about things from challenges that do have their own blog, such as my TS2 Alphabet Legacy, The Tortalls.

Basically, this blog is a catch all.