100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 4 – Rising Sun

When we left off, Yoochun had just turned into a toddler. It is now time for Jaejoong to join his brother Yunho as a child.

And he’s annoyed at the messy conditions. He gets the trait Loves Outdoors and child aspiration of Rambunctious Scamp.

Yunho is still working towards his childhood aspiration and he needs 3 kid friends.

Korea playing with Yoochun. On her own free will most likely as I would be more likely to direct her to work on her novels.

Jaejoong working on homework on his bed. I find it cute that the kids go to the bed to work on their homework.

They find monsters under the bed way too frequently for my liking. I may have to go find a mod to stop it. Once every so often is ok. Every night is just too much.

And Winterfest is here! Tofurky on the menu since Yunho is a Vegetarian.

Caleb comes over on his own and we rope him into helping with tree decorations.

And we have Korea trying to end the challenge before we even get baby number 2 on the way. Because remember, adopted kids don’t count for the 100 and only Yunho isn’t adopted.

Luckily she puts the fire out and crisis is avoided and everyone has a great Winterfest.

Jaejoong and Yoochun being adorable.

And it’s time to adopt the third kid (and last for this round of adoptions!). It’s a boy named Junsu.

And Korea has appeared to have picked up some weight so I buy her a treadmill and get her to run.

Yunho and Jaejoong choose Korea’s bed to do their homework on. They seriously prefer beds to the table for doing homework.

And Yunho still trying to get his friend count up.

And Don Lothario is invited over in order to get the second Idol conceived.

Send Yunho to the park to work on his aspiration as well.

And then Junsu ages to toddler and gets my favorite trait of them all: Independent. He’s also absolutely adorable.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Junsu is named after Kim Jun Su. His stage name while in TVXQ was Xiah and he went to Junsu when he debuted with JYJ. He was technically born on December 26, 1986, but his parents didn’t register him until January 1, 1987. His roles in TVXQ are lead dancer and main vocalist. His roles in JYJ are lead dancer, main vocalist, and maknae. Maknae is what they call the youngest member and in many groups even if the majority are adults are likely still a minor at debut.

The following YouTube video is of TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” which was released on September 12, 2005. It was featured in Paul Walker’s opening scene in Fast and Furious.


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