100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 10 – Don’t Don

When we last left off, Idol Heechul had just become a toddler. Yunho is currently autonomously playing with flashcards with Heechul. Looks like working on needs based on image of toothbrush.

Jaejoong autonomously decided to clean the toilet.

Changmin was sent to the park after school to find a kid to befriend.

Yoochun being tasked with teaching Heechul how to use the potty.

And I finally got the courage to say goodbye to Yunho and Jaejoong. I moved them in with Caleb, Yunho’s father.

Changmin off to find 2 adult friends. This is adult friend #1.

Taeyeon is not off the hook for helping out around the house either.

And Leetuk is a child. He’s got the Loves Outdoors trait and he wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp. He got the Happy Toddler trait.

Yoochun playing with Heechul.

Caleb is still inviting himself over so Korea gave him keys to the residence.

And this boy scout is child friend #2. His adopted sister Jessica is child friend #3.

Yunho autonomously came over and played flashcards with Heechul.

Korea got abducted.

Taeyeon playing with Heechul.

And it was time to expand the family again. Meet Idol Hangeng.

Going on friendly terms with Seiji as his purpose is completed.

Junsu repairing the tub.

Another Monday night, another night of projects. Those not shown have an A in their school work or in Jessica’s case sent later.

Because she was waiting to age up to do her project so that the extra credit got applied to the best place. Jessica rolled Romantic as her trait. Her aspiration is Master Vampire which means her adult aspiration trait is Quick Learner like her older sister Taeyeon.

Yoochun is now a young adult. As we are above 8 even without Yoochun, waiting for Junsu to age up to young adult before moving anyone out.

Caleb makes use of his key to the house and chats with Heechul.

They got a decent bit more money so the outside got wallpaper and so did the main room. The kitchen and dining room also got upgraded equipment. I also added a small room which will be bathroom #3. I have also added a room that I will use as a play room.

Caleb talking with Yoochun while Heechul eats.

And Hangeng aged to toddler. He’s Independent. And adorable.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Hangeng is named after Han Geng. His Chinese stage is Hangeng and his Korean stage name is Hankyung. Given that Han Geng is Chinses, I went with his Chinese stage name. He was born on February 9, 1984 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China. He was the first foreign member of Kpop group from a major company if not the first ever. Due to laws at the time about Chinese performing on Korean TV, Hangeng wore a mask on his face during music show performances. During one such performance fellow member Heechul got fed up with that policy and ripped the mask off. While a member of Super Junior he was a Vocalist and Lead Dancer. He was part of the sub unit Super Junior – M which was their Chinese sub-unit, with M standing for Mandarin. Hangeng’s success in Super Junior paved the way for other foreigners to join Kpop groups in the future, especially those with Asian heritage. He left after filing a lawsuit in December 2009 citing his contract being unlawful, harsh, and against his rights.

The following YouTube video is of Don’t Don! It was released on September 20, 2007. This song is the only song with 14 of the 15 members of Super Junior when you add in the members only in the Super Junior – M subunit. The violin solo is done by Henry during his pre-debut days. The only member not shown in the video is Zhoumi. This was also done during the period of time where Heechul had a metal rod in his left leg due to his car accident. This song is considered to have one of the harder routines as well. Heechul was also noted to say later on that he did end up coughing up blood during later performances of Don’t Don when they were still promoting it. This is probably due to how enthusiastic he was being with the vocals and not related to his leg injury. Kyuhyun is only seen during his solo part due to still recovering from his car accident (separate from Heechul’s and I will go into more detail when I get to Kyuhyun).


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