100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 12 – Sorry, Sorry

When we last left off, Sunny had just become a toddler. Changmin is now currently playing with her. I love how adorable the play interaction is.

I send Korea off to scout out potential baby daddies. This guy is one, but I’ll use him in the future. I found someone else I wanted to use there but didn’t get a picture of him here. There were too many people wanting to butt in on the conversation for me to try to woo the baby daddy there.

That and it was Leetuk’s teenage birthday and we had to bake a cake. Leetuk’s teen trait is Erratic and his Adult Aspiration is Computer Whiz so his Adult Aspiration trait is Quick Learner.

This is the guy that Korea had chosen for the next baby daddy. She was wooing him while Leetuk was aging up. Junsu baked the cake. The baby daddy’s name is Ronan Ferguson.

It didn’t take long for Korea to have him in bed trying for the next Idol and she was successful. And it was a day later when she got a call that he had died of old age.

Leetuk broke the computer while working on his aspiration. Since if Junsu dies, I don’t have to replace him as he’s both a YA and adopted, I have him repairing the computer.

Leetuk working on his aspiration while talking with Changmin.

Love the Sims 3 expansion pack reward items in Sims 4. The University Life ones give the focused aura. Useful for the play games for 2 hours straight while focused.

Just a typical evening. Even had Jaejoong over visiting.

Jessica reading to Sunny.

And soon after this, Jessica ages to adult and gets the Perfectionist trait as her Adult trait and she also got Good Manners and Responsible from the Parenthood traits.

Soon after I have Junsu, Yoochun, Taeyeon, and Jessica move out and into Don Lothario’s apartment.

Jaejoon is over again and talking with Heechul who is finishing up his childhood aspriation. He finishes it so he’s go the Creatively Gifted trait.

Leetuk gives us the first fire of the challenge as he tries to burn himself and the house down. Only casualties were the stove, the mac and cheese, and a counter.

Heechul ages up to teenager a day or so after finishing his childhood aspiration. His teen trait is Genius. His adult aspiration is Mansion Baron and therefore his Adult aspiration trait is Business Savvy.

Changmin also aged up on the same day as Heechul. His adult trait is Foodie.

And I forgot to get a picture of Korea giving birth to the next baby Idol. His name is Yesung. He also had his birthday on the same day as Heechul and Changmin. His toddler trait is Angelic. And he’s adorable.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Yesung is named after Kim Jong Hoon. His stage name is Yesung. He was born on August 24, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. His role in Super Junior is Main Vocalist. He is in the Super Junior KRY subunit as well as the Super Junior Happy subunit.

The following music video is of their March 9, 2009 release Sorry, Sorry. The song went viral and is their most successful single. The song and dance are widely covered by a variety of Kpop groups, both of the same generation and from the following generations. Super Junior also did a dance remix of it for one of their later concerts and called it Sorry, Sorry Answer.

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 11 – Genie

When we last left off, Hangeng had just aged to toddler. Caleb and Yunho here have invited themselves over again to use the computers. You would think the Vatores are poor and don’t have the ability to buy their own computers. Korea does not mind her oldest coming around though.

Heechul aged to child. He got Happy Toddler for his toddler skilling. His child trait is Self-Assured and his child aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

Taeyeon helping Hangeng with his Thinking skill.

Caleb is constantly coming over on his own. None of the other fathers come over. And his own son no longer lives there either.

Changming aged up to teenager and he’s handsome. His teenage trait is Art Lover. His aspiration is Musical Genius and therefore his Adult Aspiration Trait is Muser.

It was time to look for the next baby daddy. And it didn’t take long to choose Ricardo Wilson.

And it didn’t take long for Korea to get him into bed either.

And it was successful. So baby #6 is on the way.

Yunho over again bonding with Yoochun.

Jaejoong finally came over and he was given a key to the house. I’ve decided that all kids get a key to the house at their first trip back to the house.

Junsu and Leetuk chatting on the bed.

Just a normal every day at the Idols.

Junsu aged to young adult. His final trait is Cheerful.

Being a new young adult with no job means that Junsu also gets roped into kid duty more. Including bathing of filthy toddlers such as Hangeng.

Heechul working on his music skill.

Taeyeon helping Hangeng with his skills again.

And as both Yunho and Jaejoong were over, they were pulled into CAS and their excess fat removed.

Korea soon gave birth to a baby girl named Sunny.

Taeyeon playing with Hangeng. I swear others do interact with him. I just have only taken pictures when it’s Taeyeon doing it.

Taeyeon is now a young adult. her final adult trait is Family-Oriented.

Soon it is Hangeng’s birthday. He also got Happy Toddler for his toddler skills. His child trait is Loves Outdoors. His Child Aspiration is Whiz Kid.

Therefore no job Yoochun gets roped into helping Hangeng with the needing someone to read to him for 2 hours requirement.

Junsu, Heechul, Jessica, and Changmin hanging out. It sure looks like Jessica is acting stuck up.

The four oldest kids and Korea talking while waiting for breakfast to be ready.

And soon Sunny aged to toddler. Her toddler trait is Clingy.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Sunny is named after Lee Soon Kyu. She was born on May 15, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Kuwait when she was an infant and then to Korea during and due to the Gulf War. Her uncle is Lee Soo-Man, the founder of SM Entertainment – the company under which Girls’ Generation and therefore is signed under. Sunny’s role in the group is lead vocalist and sub rapper. She’s also a member of the sub-unit Oh!GG.


The following music video is of their song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).” It was released on June 26, 2009. The group went with a more mature concept than their previous release of Gee and wore costumes inspired by military uniforms.