Military Specifics

Once the military lot is placed, the military career is unlocked. Now not many military people live off base, especially the lower ranked personnel.

So, when the lot is placed a “military base” is formed. The military base will include the following: barracks (residential), community center (community lot reserved for military personnel only), and any military residential lot needed for higher ranked Sims.

Sims in level 1-4 must reside in the barracks. It will contain everything needed to get promoted through level 5. They may marry, but after the wedding ceremony they must move back into the barracks. And any money added to either family is to be removed. They may have children. Females must temporarily move in with the father of the baby (father MUST be a playable or be made playable) until the baby is born. Then they leave the baby with the father and move back into the barracks. Money may be kept. Consider the money a one time family support fee.

At level 5, Sims must move out to a military residential lot on base. Simple, no thrills houses that may not be improved upon in any way. However, extra beds and cribs and what not may be added as required. At this point, the loved ones may move in with the military personnel.

Once they reach level 8, they may move off base.

There may only be one General at a time. Player discretion on how to handle this.

Military personnel living on base may not own businesses unless they inherit it or owned it prior to joining. However, they may not run it.

Military personnel living in the barracks are prohibited from having romantic relationships with others in the barracks. They are heavily pressured to not have relationships with other military personnel while they are in the military, however.

The one exception to the living on base rule is if they are married and living in their own house at the time they join in with the military. Example: Andrea Cooke is already married and in a house. She won’t have to live on base. Now if Mirela Rysdan grows up and wants to be in the military and gets that job right after becoming an adult before she gets married, she’ll have to live on base as per the above rules. But if she gets married and moves out of her parents’ home before it shows up, she like Andrea won’t have to move to the military base.

Rules are subject to change.

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