University Guidelines

University is unlocked when a population of 50,000 is achieved or $1,000,000 in funds is raised.

This post will address what is required to be admitted to University, requirements while in University, and perks of graduating from University.


Public University

For the initial $1,000,000, the University doesn’t really have the funds for anything specialized. So it’s a little bit of everything.

For each $100,000 via tuition a college for a set area (Like Sciences, the Arts, etc) is added. These bring additional perks for graduating from that college, but add on additional requirements. Sims may still major in a major within a college without meeting those additional requirements, they just can’t have the perks. Perks and requirements for each college will be posted as they are added.

Requirements for Admission

  • At least a C in school
  • 15 Skill Points
  • A Personal Statement (a novel or article on Monique’s computer, haven’t decided yet)
  • Some proof of being well rounded: a career, helping out at mom & dad’s store, Level 5 in a hobby
  • Recommendations from at least 3 Sims, only 1 of which may be a family member. AKA: Sims must have 3 friends, 2 of which must be outside of the family.

Paying For University

  • University is $5,000. It must be paid either in full or $10,000 every 2 rotations. If funds are not presented the Sim may not go to college or must immediately drop out after they pass the second semester sophomore final.
  • Scholarship funds may be used against this (family funds the money away when the teen gets to the dorms).
  • Loans may be taken out for the amount that can’t be paid. The $5,000 includes everything.
  • Parents may not go under $10,000 when paying for a child’s education
  • Every rotation a full ride scholarship is given out in a ratio of 1 full ride scholarship for every 30 students, rounded up. So 31 students means 2 full ride scholarships. It is given to the teen with the most need. Period.
  • Any teenager who maxes all skills, has an A+, and has topped a teen career or works 15+ hours at a family business, and meets all other requirements for admission automatically gets a free ride.

For graduating, they get $5,000 * their GPA. So they could end up with $7,500 (failing every semester with a F and then barely passing the next for the minimum GPA of 1.5) all the way up to $20,000 for graduating with a perfect 4.0. The other perks they get are based on EA’s perks.

Sims who do not graduate on schedule with their colleges due to probation semesters, will be aged up appropriately (meaning I’ll fiddle with the aging controller and they’ll age 5 days when others don’t, so they’ll be on EA’s aging for 6-7 days before joining the normal 2 times a week..


Earning Their Grade

  • Freshmen and Sophomores may be pushed to earn the skills they need. But going to class, term papers, and assignments will be left up to free will and wants.
  • Juniors and Seniors may not be pushed to earn the skills they need. However, a fear of failing or a desire to get on the Dean’s List or complete their Junior Year, or graduate, will work in allowing you to push them to do things to avoid/achieve whatever it was that pushed them. However, you may only push them to where it will satisfy or avoid the want or fear. So a fear of failure only means you can push them to where they’ll pass. They can’t be pushed to a 4.0 on that fear alone. However, the want to be on the dean’s list is enough to push them for the 4.0.
  • All students may influence others to do their work for them and do anything beyond go to class, do an assignment, or write a term paper. So they can find another in their major and chat it up. They can befriend their professors. Regardless of their wants or fears. And ALL students are to be pushed towards their final exam.


Rules subject to change. Will add private school and colleges information in when it is appropriate to do so.

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