100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 15 – Sexy, Free & Single

When we last left off Shindong had just aged to toddler. Korea wasted no time inviting over Karter Delgato and began to woo him. Continue reading “100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 15 – Sexy, Free & Single”

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 14 – Mr. Simple

When we last left off, Idol Kangin had just become a toddler. Here Taeyeon fell in a mud puddle while leaving one evening. I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t cause her clothes to become a mess.

Changmin doing flashcards with Kangin. Kangin is absolutely adorable!

It’s TV Premiere day so everyone who cares is watching television! I love how Heechul is sitting.

And I noticed that Ricardo still had a romantic interest in Korea so I had her ask to be just friends. He took it well.

While waiting for eligible males to show up at the gym, I switched Korea to the Bodybuilder aspiration. She gets mentored by one of the residents. And for a good while only Yoochun and Junsu were there representing males. And they are obviously not available to be a baby daddy for obvious reasons.

Eventually Troy Oakley shows up and Korea begins a relationship with him. At some point Arnold Berman shows up and I remember she still had a relationship with him and so she ends it with him the same way she did Ricardo. Arnold did not take it well.

Korea invites Troy over and they get to work on producing the next baby.

It only takes one try for it to work, thankfully. It’s time consuming to have to try multiple times.

Kangin kept having nightmares suddenly. He was going around attempting to wake everyone up or getting hugs from mom and half-siblings. I eventually notice that the nursery did not have a nightlight and that was fixed. No nightmares since.

This guy, Karter Delgato randomly knocked on the door. Korea greeted him and asked if he was single. He is single.

So he was invited in so that Korea could get to know him better so that he could possibly be the next baby daddy.

Yesung thought he could get away with making a mess in the study. While Changmin was admonishing him for it, Sunny came in and autonomously cleaned it up.

He was then directed to do creative stuff that would count towards his aspiration.

The TV broke and therefore I had the expendable Leetuk fix it. Can’t risk a teen dying nor can I risk Korea.

Korea making breakfast while Kangin watches her increasing his Thinking skill.

Changmin is useful for helping with the kids as here he is bathing Kangin when he was filthy.

Soon Korea gives birth to another baby boy, this one is named Shindong.

Heechul quickly gets in to get some advice from Korea before she can do anything else after giving birth.

Taeyeon invites herself over again and spends some time with Leetuk.

Heechul’s birthday and I remembered to make a cake this time! His adult trait is Cheerful and he did get the Responsible trait as well. I will be moving these three out soon.

Korea invites Troy over to end things with him and invites him in afterward and at this point I notice that Caleb’s invited himself over again as well as Jaejoong.

And Shindong ages into another adorable Idol toddler. His toddler trait is Independent.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Shindong is named after Shin Dong Hee. His stage name is Shindong. He was born on September 28, 1985 in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. His role in Super Junior is lead rapper and lead dancer. He also participates in the choreography for many of Super Junior’s dances and has also directed a number of their music videos and concerts. He is one of the few overweight idols in the Kpop industry. He used to get hate over it, but he didn’t care because he loves food. He’s also a MC or co-MC on a variety of Korean shows. He was involved in a car accident on April 19, 2007 along with Leetuk, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun. Shindong was not injured too badly. I did forget to mention the accident during Leetuk’s chapter, but Leetuk was injured enough to have to go to the hospital, as he had glass shards everywhere and he needed 170 stitches.

The following music video is of the song “Mr. Simple” which was released on August 2, 2011. It is one of Super Junior’s most popular songs, if not the most popular, as it currently has the most views on YouTube out of all of Super Junior’s songs. It is also one of the songs that got me into Kpop.

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 12 – Sorry, Sorry

When we last left off, Sunny had just become a toddler. Changmin is now currently playing with her. I love how adorable the play interaction is.

I send Korea off to scout out potential baby daddies. This guy is one, but I’ll use him in the future. I found someone else I wanted to use there but didn’t get a picture of him here. There were too many people wanting to butt in on the conversation for me to try to woo the baby daddy there.

That and it was Leetuk’s teenage birthday and we had to bake a cake. Leetuk’s teen trait is Erratic and his Adult Aspiration is Computer Whiz so his Adult Aspiration trait is Quick Learner.

This is the guy that Korea had chosen for the next baby daddy. She was wooing him while Leetuk was aging up. Junsu baked the cake. The baby daddy’s name is Ronan Ferguson.

It didn’t take long for Korea to have him in bed trying for the next Idol and she was successful. And it was a day later when she got a call that he had died of old age.

Leetuk broke the computer while working on his aspiration. Since if Junsu dies, I don’t have to replace him as he’s both a YA and adopted, I have him repairing the computer.

Leetuk working on his aspiration while talking with Changmin.

Love the Sims 3 expansion pack reward items in Sims 4. The University Life ones give the focused aura. Useful for the play games for 2 hours straight while focused.

Just a typical evening. Even had Jaejoong over visiting.

Jessica reading to Sunny.

And soon after this, Jessica ages to adult and gets the Perfectionist trait as her Adult trait and she also got Good Manners and Responsible from the Parenthood traits.

Soon after I have Junsu, Yoochun, Taeyeon, and Jessica move out and into Don Lothario’s apartment.

Jaejoon is over again and talking with Heechul who is finishing up his childhood aspriation. He finishes it so he’s go the Creatively Gifted trait.

Leetuk gives us the first fire of the challenge as he tries to burn himself and the house down. Only casualties were the stove, the mac and cheese, and a counter.

Heechul ages up to teenager a day or so after finishing his childhood aspiration. His teen trait is Genius. His adult aspiration is Mansion Baron and therefore his Adult aspiration trait is Business Savvy.

Changmin also aged up on the same day as Heechul. His adult trait is Foodie.

And I forgot to get a picture of Korea giving birth to the next baby Idol. His name is Yesung. He also had his birthday on the same day as Heechul and Changmin. His toddler trait is Angelic. And he’s adorable.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Yesung is named after Kim Jong Hoon. His stage name is Yesung. He was born on August 24, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. His role in Super Junior is Main Vocalist. He is in the Super Junior KRY subunit as well as the Super Junior Happy subunit.

The following music video is of their March 9, 2009 release Sorry, Sorry. The song went viral and is their most successful single. The song and dance are widely covered by a variety of Kpop groups, both of the same generation and from the following generations. Super Junior also did a dance remix of it for one of their later concerts and called it Sorry, Sorry Answer.

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 11 – Genie

When we last left off, Hangeng had just aged to toddler. Caleb and Yunho here have invited themselves over again to use the computers. You would think the Vatores are poor and don’t have the ability to buy their own computers. Korea does not mind her oldest coming around though.

Heechul aged to child. He got Happy Toddler for his toddler skilling. His child trait is Self-Assured and his child aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

Taeyeon helping Hangeng with his Thinking skill.

Caleb is constantly coming over on his own. None of the other fathers come over. And his own son no longer lives there either.

Changming aged up to teenager and he’s handsome. His teenage trait is Art Lover. His aspiration is Musical Genius and therefore his Adult Aspiration Trait is Muser.

It was time to look for the next baby daddy. And it didn’t take long to choose Ricardo Wilson.

And it didn’t take long for Korea to get him into bed either.

And it was successful. So baby #6 is on the way.

Yunho over again bonding with Yoochun.

Jaejoong finally came over and he was given a key to the house. I’ve decided that all kids get a key to the house at their first trip back to the house.

Junsu and Leetuk chatting on the bed.

Just a normal every day at the Idols.

Junsu aged to young adult. His final trait is Cheerful.

Being a new young adult with no job means that Junsu also gets roped into kid duty more. Including bathing of filthy toddlers such as Hangeng.

Heechul working on his music skill.

Taeyeon helping Hangeng with his skills again.

And as both Yunho and Jaejoong were over, they were pulled into CAS and their excess fat removed.

Korea soon gave birth to a baby girl named Sunny.

Taeyeon playing with Hangeng. I swear others do interact with him. I just have only taken pictures when it’s Taeyeon doing it.

Taeyeon is now a young adult. her final adult trait is Family-Oriented.

Soon it is Hangeng’s birthday. He also got Happy Toddler for his toddler skills. His child trait is Loves Outdoors. His Child Aspiration is Whiz Kid.

Therefore no job Yoochun gets roped into helping Hangeng with the needing someone to read to him for 2 hours requirement.

Junsu, Heechul, Jessica, and Changmin hanging out. It sure looks like Jessica is acting stuck up.

The four oldest kids and Korea talking while waiting for breakfast to be ready.

And soon Sunny aged to toddler. Her toddler trait is Clingy.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Sunny is named after Lee Soon Kyu. She was born on May 15, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Kuwait when she was an infant and then to Korea during and due to the Gulf War. Her uncle is Lee Soo-Man, the founder of SM Entertainment – the company under which Girls’ Generation and therefore is signed under. Sunny’s role in the group is lead vocalist and sub rapper. She’s also a member of the sub-unit Oh!GG.


The following music video is of their song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).” It was released on June 26, 2009. The group went with a more mature concept than their previous release of Gee and wore costumes inspired by military uniforms.

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 10 – Don’t Don

When we last left off, Idol Heechul had just become a toddler. Yunho is currently autonomously playing with flashcards with Heechul. Looks like working on needs based on image of toothbrush.

Jaejoong autonomously decided to clean the toilet.

Changmin was sent to the park after school to find a kid to befriend.

Yoochun being tasked with teaching Heechul how to use the potty.

And I finally got the courage to say goodbye to Yunho and Jaejoong. I moved them in with Caleb, Yunho’s father.

Changmin off to find 2 adult friends. This is adult friend #1.

Taeyeon is not off the hook for helping out around the house either.

And Leetuk is a child. He’s got the Loves Outdoors trait and he wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp. He got the Happy Toddler trait.

Yoochun playing with Heechul.

Caleb is still inviting himself over so Korea gave him keys to the residence.

And this boy scout is child friend #2. His adopted sister Jessica is child friend #3.

Yunho autonomously came over and played flashcards with Heechul.

Korea got abducted.

Taeyeon playing with Heechul.

And it was time to expand the family again. Meet Idol Hangeng.

Going on friendly terms with Seiji as his purpose is completed.

Junsu repairing the tub.

Another Monday night, another night of projects. Those not shown have an A in their school work or in Jessica’s case sent later.

Because she was waiting to age up to do her project so that the extra credit got applied to the best place. Jessica rolled Romantic as her trait. Her aspiration is Master Vampire which means her adult aspiration trait is Quick Learner like her older sister Taeyeon.

Yoochun is now a young adult. As we are above 8 even without Yoochun, waiting for Junsu to age up to young adult before moving anyone out.

Caleb makes use of his key to the house and chats with Heechul.

They got a decent bit more money so the outside got wallpaper and so did the main room. The kitchen and dining room also got upgraded equipment. I also added a small room which will be bathroom #3. I have also added a room that I will use as a play room.

Caleb talking with Yoochun while Heechul eats.

And Hangeng aged to toddler. He’s Independent. And adorable.

And that’s it for this chapter!

Idol Hangeng is named after Han Geng. His Chinese stage is Hangeng and his Korean stage name is Hankyung. Given that Han Geng is Chinses, I went with his Chinese stage name. He was born on February 9, 1984 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China. He was the first foreign member of Kpop group from a major company if not the first ever. Due to laws at the time about Chinese performing on Korean TV, Hangeng wore a mask on his face during music show performances. During one such performance fellow member Heechul got fed up with that policy and ripped the mask off. While a member of Super Junior he was a Vocalist and Lead Dancer. He was part of the sub unit Super Junior – M which was their Chinese sub-unit, with M standing for Mandarin. Hangeng’s success in Super Junior paved the way for other foreigners to join Kpop groups in the future, especially those with Asian heritage. He left after filing a lawsuit in December 2009 citing his contract being unlawful, harsh, and against his rights.

The following YouTube video is of Don’t Don! It was released on September 20, 2007. This song is the only song with 14 of the 15 members of Super Junior when you add in the members only in the Super Junior – M subunit. The violin solo is done by Henry during his pre-debut days. The only member not shown in the video is Zhoumi. This was also done during the period of time where Heechul had a metal rod in his left leg due to his car accident. This song is considered to have one of the harder routines as well. Heechul was also noted to say later on that he did end up coughing up blood during later performances of Don’t Don when they were still promoting it. This is probably due to how enthusiastic he was being with the vocals and not related to his leg injury. Kyuhyun is only seen during his solo part due to still recovering from his car accident (separate from Heechul’s and I will go into more detail when I get to Kyuhyun).

100+ Idol Debuts – Chapter 9 – U

When we left off last, Leetuk had just become a toddler. Currently the Idols are enjoying a meal together. Korea, Yunho, and Junso at the dining room table. Jaejoong, Yoochun, Taeyeon, and Jessica are in the boy’s bedroom. Toddlers Changmin and Leetuk are on the sofa.

It’s Harvest Day so the gnomes are around. Taeyeon is working on her Whiz Kid aspiration.

Soon I feel it’s time for Korea to get to work on the next child so Gunther is invited over so that the relationship can be ended. He’s the first to appear outwardly sad about it.

Seiji Yoshida is invited over and he is the next one in line if he cooperates. He’s unflirty so who knows how much of a pain he will be to get into the bed.

So far so good with the progress.

And it doesn’t take long to get him into the bed, shockingly. I recall the Sims 3 equivalent making things noticeably harder.

Changmin aged up to child. His childhood trait is Creative. He’s a Social Butterfly for his child aspiration. He did not get the Happy Toddler trait.

[This picture was taken a few days later, it was not Winterfest when he aged to child]

Needed a new bed for Changmin as I found out I can not move out Yunho while my house is over 8 Sims (Korea is pregnant so she counts as 2). So they got a hallway and another bedroom added.

Yunho helping to potty train Leetuk.

The kids doing homework and eating dinner. They have a tendency to do this in the bedroom instead of at the dining room table.

Changmin’s aspiration requires a BFF. Yunho was used as he was the highest relationship he had.

Changmin’s dad then came over autonomously. He didn’t stay long, however.

Yunho helping around the house by bathing Leetuk.

And this is where I realized I didn’t fix my MCCC settings when I updated my game. She gave birth and MCCC errored out and deleted the baby. So I fixed my settings, invited Seiji over. Got her pregnant again, and used MCCC to send her into labor.

She gave birth to a baby boy named Heechul.

Junsu aged up to teenager and he’s handsome, especially considering he is pure EA created as he was adopted. His teenage trait is Goofball. He’s landed on the aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire so he’s also got the the trait of Muser as well.

And this is where I found out that if YA’s become care givers to their siblings who are still younger than YA that it counts for “becoming a parent” for the purpose of the Super Parent aspiration. Jaejoong had destroyed the dollhouse.

Sometime after this Jaejoong hit YA, but I didn’t get a picture of it. But he looks the same thanks to EA making teens use the same model as YA’s for some unknown reason. His adult trait is Music Lover. He only got one of the emotion traits and that is Responsible.

Yunho eating pancakes with Leetuk.

Korea broke the computer while writing and she turned around and immediately repaired it.

Winterfest is here and the family that is old enough to decorate the tree is decorating the tree.

Leetuk got a present from Father Winter.

Taeyeon then aged to teenager in her pajamas. Her teen trait is Clumsy and her aspiration is Archaeology Scholar so she’s got the Quick Learner trait. She completed her child aspiration so she’s also got the Mentally Gifted trait.

Changmin got caught making a mess and scolded. I’m seeing how far Yunho can get in his aspiration before I decide to kick him and Jaejoong out since I have to send both of them at once due to game limitations.

Heechul then aged to toddler right before Winterfest ended. He was saved from having an awful Winterfest by openning a present, but he could not get perfect as Father Winter had already left by the time he aged up. His toddler trait is Charmer.

Idol Heechul is named after Kim Hee Chul. He is a member of the group Super Junior and his stage name is Heechul. He was born on July 10, 1983, which does make him only 9 days younger than his fellow member Leetuk. He was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea. His roles in the group are Vocalist and Rapper. He’s part of the Super Junior subgroup Super Junior-T. In 2008, he was involved in a car accident which fractured his left leg in multiple places. Due to how it healed, Heechul is not able to do the more strenuous Super Junior dances – especially as time went on. He’s currently only doing very limited participation in the group’s music activities (he was only in the music video for their last release, but did not add any vocals or participate in any of the comeback stages).┬áHe is also part of a few variety shows – Life Bar and Knowing Brothers, where he is known for being savage.

The following YouTube video is of their song “U” which was released on June 7, 2006. It was Super Junior’s first break out single and was Kyuhyun’s debut with Super Junior. The girl in the music video is Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.